DP Challenge Table Invitational

Ten of the worlds greatest players will play one on one with each other to win their share of the $13500 prize money in the Dragon Promotions Challenge Table Invitational on Wed May 25 at Bankshot Billiards as a pre-cursor to the 5th Annual Predator FL Open.

The event is sponsored by Bankshot Billiards, Capones Billiards, World Pool.com, Kid Delicious Cues, County Transmissions, & Dragon Promotions.

The Player Line Up:

The format will be 5 players on one table and another 5 players on another table. Players play one-on-one race to one game and winner stays on. The loser roates back to the line and the incoming player gets the break. Every game won counts and is never lost. The first 2 players to win 4 games(does not have to be in a row) advances to the Final Table. The Final Table consists of 4 players and the format repeats with the first player to win 4 games is 1st place, the second player to win 4 games is 2nd place, and then 3rd place to the final player to win 4 games.

This event begins at 9pm and will end tentatively at midnight.

Prize money breakdown:

1st $7500
2nd $3500
3rd $2500

Tickets are on sale at Bankshot Billiards www.playatbankshots.com