Dr. Cue Artistic Cup IV, Artistic Lag, Cue-Dean-“E” Make History

Florian Kohler and Dr. Cue

The 2010 Dr. Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup IV has etched its signature mark in billiard history once again.  16 of the world's greatest Artistic Pool Playing Artists participated in this unique “Artistic Pool” Pro-Am Challenge at the beautiful Side Pockets in St. Charles, MO on December 3, 4, and 5.  Florian “Venom” Kohler from France raced to the “artistic” victory circle – taking home the first place guaranteed prize money, beautiful “Victory” Cup trophy, and title honors!

This special event of the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Pool “Sport & Show” Tour showcased some of the greatest pro players under the WPA / APTSA sport umbrella. In addition, top amateur players from several league tour stops held in 2010 at respective National and / or International events of the BCAPL, VNEA, ACS, and APA, plus several “at large” entries participated.

Pros and amateurs played side by side in special 3 person – player groupings with 7-foot tables and high percentage make rate shots creating an equalizer effect for all competitors.  Over $10,000 in guaranteed payout values and a rather large player / audience prize fund produced player and fan friendly opportunities in a reunion style billiard atmosphere.

The APPA (Artistic Pool Playing Artists) crusader force showcased a “class” act of billiard skills from each of the 8 magnetic disciplines of “artistic pool” – 1) Trick / Fancy Shots, 2) Prop, Novelty, and Special Arts, 3) Draw Shots, 4) Follow Shots, 5) Bank / Kick Shots, 6) Stroke Shots, 7) Jump Shots, and 8) Masse Shots.  When the challenge of 40 “classic” preliminary shots and 11 playoff shootout matches were over, a special awards ceremony honored the Overall event champion, 8 Discipline champions, and 2 Sportsmanship recipients.  

In addition to the Cup IV event, the inaugural Dr. Cue National “Artistic” Lag Championship Finals took place after over 10,000 lags had been documented in junior, league, and other billiard venues since early 2010.  Dozens of players and fans alike took part in this simple, yet very challenging and final contest of consistency and mental focus.  Tom “Too Kool” Kinzel from PA remained very “Kool” on his journey to becoming the event champion “title” holder, while winning a guaranteed $1000 and special plaque award in the process.

Note: Jen Sweatt (IL), who played in this event, also participated in a special “mini” lag event held prior to the championship finals and won $130 for her 1st place finish.   

A special feature accented the 3 days of festivities when a unique presentation was made to Rick “The Barber” Hawkinson from IN as the 2010 Cue-Dean-“E” Honoree.  A large group of sport fans, room attendees, and fellow players witnessed the emotional moment, as Rick was presented with an engraved McDermott “Table Trotter” Cue and Case, plus a custom Cue-Dean-“E” plaque.  These awards were given to signify his “E”ntertainment, “E”ducation, and “E”nergetic talents, plus his “E”nlightening “spirit gift” to the magnetic world of “artistic pool” and beyond.

Special Note:  Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch did a live stream for the events, presenting “artistic pool” at its finest and much more to Internet viewers around the world.  Thank you, Jason!!  

Cup IV Rounds, Award Ceremonies, Lag Finals and Cue-Dean-“E” Presentation may be seen at:


Below is a brief recap of the top 4 positions of finish for the “Artistic” Cup IV:

1st      Florian “Venom” Kohler        Kingersheim, France          $ 1,500 + Cup     
2nd      Jeremiah “Daddy-O” Owens    Decatur, IL                     1,250 + Cup
3rd       Jason “The Tiger” Kane        London, England              1,000 + Cup   
4th     Chris “Tricky Shot” Woodrum    Dublin, VA                                  800 + Cup   

Cup IV Discipline Champions – $50.00 each, plus special award medal:

Trick & Fancy     Charles Darling        Prop/Novelty/Special Arts         Tom Kinzel
Draw Shots    Mark Dimick        Follow Shots                 Jeremiah Owens
Bank / Kick    Mark Dimick        Stroke Shots                 Chris Woodrum
Jump Shots    Jeremiah Owens    Masse Shots                 Florian Kohler

Cup IV Sportsmanship Recipients – special honors and award medal:

Tom “Too Kook” Kinzel (PA) – By vote of players
Michael “Gateway” Bini (MO) – By vote of directors

Below is a brief recap of the top 4 positions of finish for the “Artistic” Lag Finals:

1st      Tom “Too Kool” Kinzel            Munhall, PA         $ 1,000 + Plaque     
2nd      Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch    Bay City, MI               800 + Plaque
3rd       Jason “The Tiger” Kane            London, England       600 + Plaque   
4th     Tom Gordon (Fan / Room Player)    St. Louis, MO