Draftkings Joins Forces to Help Pool

The pool world is at a historic low with fewer and fewer tournaments. Prize money is at a historic low and players are being banned or not being paid. The entire pool community has been searching for the billionaire sugar daddy as the magic saviour! Simply put, there is no quick fix solution but there is a solution. We the pool community are the answer. We have the opportunity to work together as one for the better of pool.
I have secured a deal for the pool community with Draftkings through www.ppipoker.com. By using the code “POOL” and playing fantasy sports on www.draftkings.com, the pool community will earn money. This money will go towards creating new pro and amateur events and hopefully, a pro tour on ESPN.
The whole pool community needs to get behind this mass effort to sign up on www.draftkings.com and use the signup code “POOL”. A large percentage of the revenue generated goes directly to building a “pool”. This will help us put on more events, grow the great game and help everyone in the industry.
DraftKings is the hottest company on the planet for daily fantasy sports. Their affiliate program will share a large percentage of the total revenue generated by anyone who signs up using "POOL" as their code. UNITED we stand, divided we fall.
The more we do to rally people for our cause, the better chance we have of this snowballing and growing this to create a bright future for pool. In addition, I’m looking for pool companies to support us by donating items we can give away to the 1st 100/250/500 and 1000 players...
Any company that supports and promotes the Draftkings and pool partnership will be promoted and have their logo on the website and on banners at future events. I am looking for volunteers who can help build a website and who wants to be a part.
This is in the very early stages but if everyone promotes this, we can become a force in pool and run it the right way.
More info on DraftKings: 
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