Dragon and Iron Mike in Poison Texas Show and Pool School at Big Tyme Billiards

Williams teaching kids such as Jaxon King last week in Saratoga, Wyoming

Houston, TX - Poison Cues will bring world class billiard professionals Charlie "Dragon" Williams and "Iron" Mike Davis to Houston for a special appearance at Big Tyme Billiards in Houston on April 19th.  From 3pm-7pm will be The Poison Pro Pool School, a four hour class developed to help players of all levels improve critical game skills such as breaking, cue ball control, power draw, follow shots, drills, and mental game.  Participants can expect to learn how to improve their overall technique and identify how to take their games to the next level. Then in the evening the two Top Ten ranked pros will do a free Poison Challenge show from 8pm-10:30pm and fans will be able to challenge the pros a game.  The event is co-sponsored by Simonis Cloth, Master Chalk and the APA of North Harris County in Houston.

"Big Tyme is really excited in hosting the Poison Challenge and Pro School. Having world class pros Charlie Williams and Mike Davis will be a treat to our customers to watch and learn from. It's the kind of event that keeps the new generation of players inspired, and we are happy to bring that inspiration to Houston," says Mark Avery, Co-Owner of Big Tyme Billiards.
"The Poison by Predator Challenges are great fun for the fans to meet their favorite top pros. And the Poison Pool Schools let's fans get up close and personal with the pros as they learn how to improve their game", says Nina Nigro Thomas, Marketing Coordinator for Predator Group.

Players can register for The Poison Pro Pool School before the event at Big Tyme Billiards in person, via e-mail at propoolschool1@gmail.com or by calling (407) 782-4978. It's limited to only 10 students. For more information, click on the following link: