Dragon Promotions Women’s World Pool Cup

Newcomer to Womens Pool: Shanelle Loraine
Dragon Promotions Women's World Pool Cup

Seoul, Korea- Eight of the most talented and hottest strokes in the world will goto battle in the first ever Dragon Promotions Womens World Pool Cup. The line up is fierce with international stars such as World Games Gold Medalist Jasmin Ouschan (AUT), USA #1 Monica Webb, Top 5 USA ranked Tiffany Nelson, and Japan's Miyuki Sakai. New comers are the eye catching beauty from Guam, Shanelle Loraine and Korea's current #3 Eun Ji Park. The favorites in the event will be the Korean born talents Jeanette Lee and Korea #1 Yu Ram Cha.

The format will be race to 4 with each player playing 2 matches. The top 3 players with the best records of wins and losses will play a Queen of the Hill match where the winner stays on the table. First player to win 4 games will be the Womens World Pool Cup Champion.

Match ups today will be Oushan vs Park, Webb vs Nelson, Cha vs Loraine, Park vs Sakai, Ouschan vs Nelson, Lee vs Sakai, Cha vs Webb, Lee vs Loraine.

The event will air live on MBC ESPN, the #1 sports channel in Korea.