Dubwa stops Packard challenge to win Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Tour

Paul Dubwa withstood a strong challenge from Scott Packard, who won six straight matches on the loss-side to meet him in the finals of the Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Tour stop on Sunday, November 13. Dubwa prevailed to go undefeated in the $330-added event which drew 22 entrants to 9-Ball Rack 'Em Up Billiards in Auburn, ME.

It was Dubwa against John Regan in the battle for the hot seat. Dubwa had sent Jud Strang west in a 6-6 handicapped win among the winners' side final four, while Regan was busy dispatching Mark Small to the loss side 6-4. Dubwa got into the hot seat with a 7-3 win, and watched as Packard drew closer, one match at a time.

Strang moved over and picked up Philip Walton, who'd defeated John Parson and Kyle Pepen, both 6-4. It was Small who came to the loss-side and had the misfortune of running into Packard, who'd chalked up his second and third wins on the loss side against Rick Beaulie 4-2 and Joey Meuse 4-4. Packard moved into the quarterfinals with a 6-2 win over Small and was joined by Strang, who'd downed Walton 6-1.

Packard took advantage of a handicap to move past Strang 5-6 in those quarterfinals, and turned to face his final obstacle; Regan in the semifinals. Packard completed his run with a 5-3 victory over Regan, but couldn't put a stop to Dubwa, who allowed him only two racks in completing his undefeated day.