Dump Negative Energy & Win More Games

While we don’t always like to admit, we all go through periods in our lives where things just don’t seem to go right. Maybe it’s because of a problem at work, money issues, a difficult relationship, or even a tough stretch in pool.  Experiencing life “hiccups,” as I like to call them, is very normal, the question is what we do with negative energy and thoughts?  Some people tend to carry around their negative energy day after day, week after week, and sometimes even year after year.  This negative mindset only makes things worse.  A better approach is to regularly dump your negative thinking so that it no longer anchors down your attitude, confidence, and overall level of success experienced in life. 

Write out negativity, dispose that energy

It is important to note that in life it is not adversity itself that stops us, but what we do with adversity that determines whether we succeed or fail.  For example, perhaps your car did not start this morning – at this point you have two choices: You can either sit around and complain about it all day, or you can roll up your sleeves and research the problem and/or call a mechanic for help.  The choice you make in this example will lead to two very different outcomes, either a dead car that won’t start, or a car that runs after being repaired.

Since we cannot live a life without stress, adversity, frustration, and failure, it is what we do with these experiences that lead to our future success or failure.  One technique that I use with clients when they feel overwhelmed is to have them write out all the things making them stressed and upset, and then take that list and tear it up and throw it away as symbolism of extinguishing the thoughts from your head.  Rather than carrying around those thoughts all day, simply DUMP THEM.  You might think of this like how we often get a pebble in our shoe when walking along the beach – you can either continue walking while feeling uncomfortable, OR you can simply take off your shoe and dump the pebble.

Final thoughts

Negative thinking can impact our focus, motivation, and resiliency, ultimately taking away our potential for future success.  Clearing your mind and hitting reset is a nice way to take ownership of your thinking, thereby allowing you to give your full attention to the next tournament, game, or shot.  So often in life we beat ourselves because we carry around negative thoughts and emotions, and forget that we do not have to do this, especially if we want to be successful.  Remember, what the mind believes the body achieves – good luck!