Dupuis stops loss-side challenge from Tenzin to win J. Pechauer Ride the 9 stop


The last time Joey Dupuis and Choneyi Tenzin met in a final, back in May of 2012, Tenzin was in the hot seat, having bested Dupuis in the winners' side final. Dupuis came back and allowed Tenzin only a single rack in the opening set of the true double elimination, but Tenzin did likewise in the second set to claim the title. In November, Dupuis was in the hot seat again, as Tenzin was busy on a nine-match loss side streak that was stopped in the semifinals. On Sunday, March 24, at a stop on the J. Pechauer Ride the 9 tour, Dupuis was in the hot seat again, and once again, Tenzin was coming at him from the loss side, this time, to challenge him in the finals. Dupuis, though, hung on to win this one, and claim the $200-added event that had drawn 32 entrants to Rhode Island Billiard Bar & Bistro in North Providence, RI.

As Tenzin, sent west by Kerry McAuliffe, was working on his loss-side streak, Dupuis advanced among the winners' side final four to match up with Todd Ottilige. Ty Speedwell, in the meantime, faced Tim Perry. Both of the winners' side semifinals went double hill, advancing Dupuis and Speedwell to the hot seat match, where Dupuis dominated 8-1.

On the loss side, Tenzin had gotten by four, including Roarke Dickson 6-2 and Gary Rose, double hill, to pick up Perry. Ottilige drew Charlie Matarazzo, who'd defeated the man who'd sent Tenzin over (McAuliffe, racing to 6) 4-4 and Danny Pavao, double hill. 

Ottilige shut out Matarazzo, and in the quarterfinals, matched up against Tenzin, who'd survived a straight-up race to 5, double hill match against Perry. Tenzin then shut Ottilige out for a shot at Speedwell in the semifinals. Tenzin survived a second straight-up race to 5, double hill match against Speedwell and turned to face Dupuis in the finals.

With Dupuis racing to 8, Tenzin took the opening set of the true double elimination final 6-3. In the second set, Dupuis demonstrated that he could play the 'three-racks-only' game just as well, downing Tenzin 8-3 to secure the event title.