Dupuis wins RI Billiards

Joey Dupuis

20 of the strongest players in the N.E. area descended upon Rhode Island Billiards in N Providence RI for the latest stop on the N.E. A/B Tour. Among the strong players were Trystan Speedwell, Tom Mcgongale, Joe Dupuis, Walter Bryska, Chris Leal, Rich Senna and Tony Masi.

Finals number one was Joey Dupuis vs Chris Leal. In this set there was nothing Joey could do. He played as well as he could, but just didn't get any breaks. He would make great shots and end up stuck behind balls. Chris would end up beating him 7-3 to send him to the one loss side.

Walter Bryska was waitng for a frustrated Joey Dupuis on the one loss side. Walter came out firing and won the first 3 games but Joey won the next 5 games in a row to make the score 5-3 in Joey's Favor. Joey made a shooting error on a 6 ball and Walter won that game and the next 2 to make it 6-5. Joey wasn't dead yet. He came back with some steam of his own and won the next game to make it hill hill and then he broke and ran the last rack to win the set 7-6 and get a second chance at Leal in the finals.

The finals went neck and neck for the first 10 games until Joey made a bad mistake on a safe and allowed Chris to take advantage. Chris won that game and the next to make it 7-5 in a race to 10. Everbody thought Joey was done but he had a little more steam in him. Chris made a shooting eror on a 7 ball and Joey never looked back from there winning the next 4 games for his second victory of the year.

I would like to thank RI Billiards for hosting this event. Next event is October 30th at Adirondack Billiards in Glenn Falls NY.

Complete Results:
1 Joey Dupuis $300 + $180 side pot
2 Chris Leal $140 + $100 side pot
3 Walter Bryska $100
4 Luis Rios $60
5 Tony Masi $40
6 Rich senna $40
7 Norman Pincine $25
8 Dan Pavo $25