Dustin Byrd Ends J.Pechauer Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour Season Right

In a story posted June 22, 2008, a very important part of the J.Pechauer Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour ending its 2007/2008 season was not included and we wanted to make sure that those participating in the second chance tournament on June 15th had their moment in the spotlight.

The $500 added amateur semi-pro event took place on Sunday and had a strong field of forty-four outstanding players.  The day was all about ending the season and Dustin Byrd made sure he did so on a strong note.  Although he was not the holder of the hot-seat spot (Denny Singletary held that honor by defeating Jeff Hooks in a tight set 5-4), he worked his way through the one-loss side methodically.

On the one-loss side, Byrd ultimately made his way through Billy Tyler in the quarter-finals 4-3 to match up with Jeff Hooks in the semis.  Unfortunately for Hooks, Byrd's momentum continued to grow as he moved past him 4-2 to ensure his spot in the final round with Singletary.  The finals proved to be a tough match for both, but when the chalk cleared, Dustin Byrd secured the victory 7-5.

The tour would like to congratulate all that participated and thank everyone for their continued support.  For more information on the tour, visit their website at www.southeastopen.com

1st Dustin Byrd $500
2nd Denny Singletary $400
3rd Jeff Hooks $250
4th Billy Tyler $130
5th/6th John Huffman/Floyd Reasons $100
7th/8th Jeff Tabet/B.R. Tatum $50