Dutch Federation KNBB introduced “Smart Pool”

In the preparations for the upcoming jubilee Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships 2018, the Dutch Federation Koninklijke Nederlandse Biljartbond (KNBB) used the opportunity to introduce a new game to the public called "smart pool".
The press conference was held in an international school in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Representatives from the town as well as the host Hotel "NH Koningshof" together with many press people witnessed an introduction of this new and exciting game.
"Smart pool is a combination of pool billiards and mathematics, " explained Willem La Riviere, the representative of the KNBB on site. "It is fascinating and thrilling and designed to attract new members for our clubs, especially among the students and young kids", he further explained.
The EPBF was represented by its President Gre Leenders and the Press Officer Thomas Overbeck. Leenders stated "smart pool will be shown all around The Netherlands. The KNBB will sponsor 20 tables to different Dutch schools and the game will be introduced to the students and connected to their studying schedule", Leenders added. "This effort by the KNBB is great in order to attract the young generation for our sports."
The smart pool project is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Sports VWS.