Early Winners Move Right in China

Inside the Stadium

(Shanghai, China)--Mika Immonen, Dennis Orcullo, Chang Jun Lin, Corey Duel and Niels Feijin were among the first to claim victory as the first session of the $275,000 China Open has just been completed.

20 tables were put into action for the first session of the tournament inside the cavernous  Shanghai Pudong Yuanshen Stadium  in suburban Shanghai.

64 men and 48 women are competing in the third annual 9-ball event, which is a WPA ranking tournament. The men have been divided into 8 groups of 8, while the women have been put into 6 groups of 8. The players are playing a double elimination format in the group stage, with the top 4 from each group moving on to the single elimination knockout stage of the tournament.  The men are playing race to 9 alternate break, the women race to 7 alternate break.

The WPA has been experiencing technical difficulties beyond our control with the internet connection inside the stadium  and that is why our promised Live Scoring has not been functioning during the first round.  We are currently in the process of fixing the issues, however, the organizers here in Shanghai have said that the problem may persist throughout the day. The online brackets are working, however. Just click the "Live Scoring/Results" banner. We expect the live scoring to be working for Friday's session.

The following is the results from the first session of the Men's tournament in Groups A, B and C:

Group A

Dennis Orcullo(PHL) 9--Chao FongPang(TPE) 2
Chan Keng Kwang(SIN) 9--Mark Gray(GBR) 2
Corey Duel(USA) 9--Kenichi Uchigaki(JPN) 8
Niels Feijen(NED) 9--Dai Young(CHN) 3

Group B

Fu Zhewei(TPE) 9-Antonio Lining(PHL) 3
Daryl Peach(GBR) bye winner vs. Jalal Youseff(VEN)
Ahmad T. Bin Murni(BRU) 9--Cerii Worts(NZL) 5
Lo Liwen(JPN) 9--Fu Jianbo(CHN) 7 

Group C

Mika Immonen(FIN) 9--Oliver Ortmann(GER) 8
John Salazar(PHI) 9--David Rothall(AUS) 4
Chris Melling(GBR) 9--Toh Lian Han(SIN) 7 
Chian Jun Lin(TPE) 9--Lui Haitao(CHN) 7