East Coast Pool Tour Starts Up and Jeremy Sossei Two-Peats

The East Coast Pool Tour kicked off their inaugural event at Branford Cue & Brew in Branford, Connecticut, the weekend of July 19-20, 2008.  Although the name is new, the tour itself is not as it was formerly the Connecticut Nine Ball Tour run by Sal Bevilacqua.  This year, the tour re-invented itself and has brought on a new face at the helm to work with Bevilacqua, Brent Boemmels.  Boemmels has been a fierce competitor in past CNBT events and has recently taken on the venture of tournament director as well.

Although the entire season schedule is not available at the time of this story, the website members.cox.net/ecpt/ is a constantly changing source of information about the tour including not only the schedule of events, but photos, player rankings, etc.   In addition, the tour welcomes communications from its current players and newcomers at email: ecpt@cox.net  The Tournament Directors can be reached as follows:  Sal Bevilacqua (203) 410-3890; or Brent Boemmels at (203) 525-9052 or email brentboemmels@yahoo.com

Results from their first two stops are as follows – Congratulations to Jeremy Sossei for having a great start of the season with wins at both stops, ensuring his top ranking on the tour:

Tour Season Opener
Branford Cue & Brew
Branford, Connecticut
July 19-20, 2008
All Class Event (A-B-C-D), double elimination 8-ball event
Players in Attendance:  23

1st Jeremy Sossei $550
2nd Bob Mendenjian $350
3rd Marc Riopel $200
4th Bob Santamauro $100
5th/6th Cliff Tyler/Karl Kaiser $60
7th/8th Lou Ferrara/Sean Cameron
9th-12th Lance Liscotti/Rob Piersa, Jr./Dave Corley/Brandon Wood
13th-16th Brent Boemmels/Ben Kelmendi/Chris Miller/Ben Gauthier
17th-23rd Chuck Altomare/Sal Bevilacqua/Bob Tausek

Tour Stop No. 2
Fats Pool Room
Ansonia, Connecticut
August 9-10, 2008
All Class Event (A-B-C-D), double elimination 10-ball event
Players in Attendance:  14

1st Jeremy Sossei $340
2nd Bob Mendenjian $250
3rd Brandon Wood $130
4th Andrew Downs $60
5th/6th Clint Mueller/Sal Midolo
7th/8th  Sal Bevilacqua/Karl Kaiser
9th-12th Brent Boemmels/Lou Ferrara/Dave Corley/Chris Miller
13th/14th Justin Jaworski/Ben Gauthier

The tour looks forward to a great season and hopes to continue its growth – the ECPT plans to surpass all past attendance records set by the CNBT with a new and improved tour.  If you would like to sponsor the tour or just simply find out more about it, visit their website at members.cox.net/ecpt/ or email ecpt@cox.net  The next scheduled event has not been officially released, but is anticipated to be held September 13th-14th.  Keep your eyes pealed to the website for updates on this and other events to come.