Eddie Abraham back on top of Blaze Tour Stop

Owner Bob Geurra winner Eddie Abraham, and player Antonio Collozzi

The Blaze Tour 9 Ball Tour was hosted by Rockaway Billiards in Rockaway NJ on Sunday October 7, 2007, A strong field came out to play including players like Eddie Abraham, Eddie Hodan, Mike Miller, Gerard Soriano, Carmen Lombardo and points leader Mike Fingers. Special thanks Bob Geurra for hosting the event.
Antonio Collozzi thinks he's got game and anyone that wants to play some should come and see him at a Blaze event.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Ed Hodan with wins over Carl Khan 7-3, Bob Geurra 7-6, Matt Krah 7-5 and Mike Miller 7-2. leading the bottom half of the bracket was Eddie Abraham with wins over Robert Kay 7-6, Corey Eulas 7-2, Mike Fingers 7-2 and Mike Johnson 7-0.

Playing for the hot set was Eddie Abraham vs Ed Hodan, This was a great match that went hill-hill before Eddie Abraham took the hot seat sending Ed Hodan to the one loss side. Waiting for Ed Hodan on the one loss side was Mike Miller, but this match was all Hodan winning the match easily 6-3 to get back to the finals.

In the finals, it was a rematch between Ed Hodan and Eddie Abraham. This too was a great match and again it was Eddie Abraham winning 6-4.