Eddie Abraham returns to Blaze Tour Winners Circle

Empire Billiards Room Owner Ken and Eddie Abraham

Blaze 9 Ball Tour Stop # 17 was held on June 10th and hosted by Empire Billiards in Mount Holly, NJ. 32 players came out to play including Danny Basavich, Shin Park, Al Lapena, Matt Krah, Liz Ford and Eddie Abraham to name a few.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Al Lapena with wins over Bill Wilson 7-1, Lou Guynee 7-6, Joey Kong 7-3 and Shin Park 7-2. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Eddie Abraham with wins over Alan Morris 7-2, Melisa Burr 7-5, Paul Ravel 7-2, and Rob Pole 7-3.

Playing for the hot seat it was Eddie Abraham vs Al Lapena. This was a one way match with Abraham taking control of the match from the start and winning the match easily 7-2 sending Lapena to the one loss side. On the one loss side it was Shin Park waiting for Al Lapena and a rematch from earlier that day with the same result. Lapena won the match 6-3 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Al Lapena vs Eddie Abraham. Lapena had to beat Abraham twice to win the tournament. Lapena won the first match 7-4 but Eddie Abraham came back to win the second match 6-3 to win the tournament.