Edwin Reyes wins Canadian 30K Tour Stop

Edwin Reyes

The Canadian 30K Tour was in Toronto this week end at Shooters Billiards, with the CCS in full tournament in Toronto, "Who's the Best" in Orangeville and all the other tournaments that were going on........ We had 35 hardcore players who signed for the stop and the winner was Ed Reyes with Jason Klatt as runner up.

Top six players will cash today in this one day tournament, we get to have Easter Sunday at home with the family after all. Happy Easter to all out there.

The Pinoys where out in full force today and a good show was put by the youngters Bucais Bros McEarl Bucais (6) defeated Al Lougheed (8) 6-7 (match is 6-8) on a great Hill-Hill match, winning top of the A side bracket and sending Al Lougheed to the one loss side to grind it out.

On the bottom of the A side bracket Ed Reyes (7+) bested Wayne Tate (6+) 7-4, sending Wayne to the one loss side.

The Battle for the “Hot Seat” was quick and decisive as Reyes (7+) bested one young opponent McEarl Bucais (6) 8-4

On the top of the one loss side Scott McDonald (8) bested Al Lougheed 8-6

On the bottom of the chart Jason Klatt (9+) defeated Wayne Tate (6+) by a 9-2 score Al Lougheed and Wayne Tate finished 5/6th

Jason Klatt (9+) bested Scott McDonald (8) 10-7 on a great Hill-Hill match that was full of great pool. Scott McDonald finished 4th.

Jason Klatt then edged out McEarl Bucais on another great Hill-Hill match. McEarl Bucais finished 3rd.

In the final Ed Reyes (7+) gave Jason Klatt (9+) no opportunities as he quickly went to work and never looked back. Ed Reyes played very well, in the last game Ed broke and after making a ball, played a safety on Jason……. Leaving Jason snookered on the one ball, Jason contemplated His options and decided to take the foul instead of kicking at the one…Reyes calmly proceeded to run the one, then the two ball and surveyed the table and seem the four ball close to the nine ball and after measuring a possible combo to the side pocket proceeded to make the winning shot depriving Jason from a return to the table and therefore winning by the score of 7-6

Congratulations to Ed Reyes for winning the 28th stop of the Canadian 30K Tour.