Efren Reyes and Earl Strickland in the PPV of the Year

It has been 18 years since Efren Reyes and Earl Strickland faced off at Ridge Ways in Hong Kong in 1996, in what was an epic 9 ball Challenge Match in a race to 120.
The victor that took away the “Winner take all” prize of $100,000 in that classic match up was the Magician Efren Reyes, who came back from a huge deficit 100 to 109 - to beat Earl 120 to 117.
Now here we are some 18 years later with the opportunity of seeing these two great champions again in action. The event is being brought to you by Steinway Café and Billiards in conjunction with London Bridge Promotions, who are co-promoting this PPV “BATTLE OF THE LEGENDS”, held at Steinway Billiards in Astoria New York.
The battle will take place in a three evening SHOOT OUT OF 8 Ball, 9 Ball and 10 Ball on the 14th - 15th & 16th January 2014. 
The format will be as follows: 
All disciplines will be alternate break,  and call safe, call shot, and race to 17.
In 9 ball and 10 ball the 9 & 10 ball must be the last ball pocketed. However, the 9 & 10 ball may be pocketed any time during the game by a combination or carom, but must be re-spotted immediately without loss of turn at the table.
PPV is available for $10 per each evening session, or $20 for all three evenings. Contact: INSIDEPOOL.TV
This fantastic three night affair between two of the BIGGEST LEGENDS IN POOL, is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to see these two champions in action. Sadly it may be your last - Can you wait another 18 years???