Eklent Kaci And Fedor Gorst To Contest 2024 World Pool Championship

Eklent Kaci

Eklent Kaçi and Fedor Gorst will contest the finale of the World Pool Championship at the Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal City Sports Hall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Semi Final Results

Eklent Kaçi vs Johann Chua: 11-6

Fedor Gorst vs Wojciech Szewczyk 11-8

In partnership with the Saudi Arabian Billiard & Snooker Federation (SABSF) and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Sport, the crown jewel of the World Nineball Tour will be available through leading global broadcasters, including Sky Sports, SSC, Shahid VIP Sports, MENA, and DAZN.




Despite winning the lag, Eklent Kaçi struggled to gain momentum at the start, with both players immediately engaging in a rack exchange. In rack 5, the Albanian scratched on the break, allowing Chua to set up a remarkable 2-6-9 combo and begin a four-rack lead.

Kaçi found his chance in rack 9, potting the 2-ball after Chua failed to hook, allowing him to run up the racks. Chua tried to regain control in rack 12 but miscued the 8-ball, enabling Kaçi to not only level the field but also kickstart a nine-rack win streak to become the first World Pool Championship finalist of this year.

Former champion Fedor Gorst faced the Polish warrior Wojciech Szewczyk in the second semi-final matchup, with neither player able to gain a decisive advantage. The match remained level at 2-2, 4-4, and then 6-6.

In rack 13, Gorst finally shifted gears, executing a jump shot on the 2-ball to escape Szewczyk’s trap and take the lead at 7-6. In rack 16, Szewczyk attempted to capitalise on Gorst’s failure to pot the 8-ball but made the same mistake, parking the 8-ball deep in the pocket, allowing Gorst to sweep and reach the hill at 10-6.

Despite Szewczyk’s final effort to claim two more racks, he failed to hook Gorst on the 2-ball, allowing Gorst to sweep once more and secure his place as a finalist for the second time.

Eklent Kaçi vs Fedor Gorst head to the final in a marathon race to 15, today at 7:30 pm KSA / 5:30 pm BST UK time, available on Sky Sports, SSC, Shahid VIP Sports, MENA, and DAZN.

Saturday 8th June – 19:30 pm KSA time – Final

Eklent Kaçi (ALB) vs Fedor Gorst (USA)

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