Eligibility Changes Coming for BCA Pool League Events

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, CSI Members will no longer be eligible to participate in BCA Pool League (BCAPL) or USA Pool League (USAPL) divisions at state, regional, national or world events. League divisions will be available to qualified league members only.
For the last several years, people who were not members of a BCAPL-sanctioned league or a USA Pool League could purchase a CSI Membership and participate in singles and scotch doubles divisions at most state, regional and national BCAPL and USAPL events. The purpose of that policy was to provide opportunity to people who did not have a BCA Pool League or USA Pool League in their area. Although the policy was established with good intentions, it created a ‘bypass’ around the league system. Therefore, beginning Jan. 1, league divisions will be available to league members only.
We will continue to offer limited opportunities for non-league members at various events. Most notably, the 2018 BCAPL World Championships, July 18-28 in Las Vegas, will feature three divisions open to CSI Members – the CSI 9-Ball Singles, CSI 10-Ball Singles, and CSI 8-Ball Singles divisions. These divisions will be non-handicapped and open to any CSI Member with a Fargo Rating of 720 or lower. League-qualified members, even those with ratings above 720, may also participate in these divisions if they choose.
Some state and regional BCAPL and USAPL events may offer separate divisions for CSI Members but most likely will not. Therefore, everyone interested in participating in any of those events throughout the year should join a BCA Pool League or a USA Pool League and understand the eligibility requirements for each event. If there is no BCAPL or USAPL league in your area, visit www.playcsipool.com or contact our office today to learn how to start one.
League play is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe every day and is the cornerstone of the billiards industry. While we strive to provide more pool-playing opportunities than any other organization, we must not undermine the value and importance of playing in organized BCAPL or USAPL leagues in the process.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing your name on a BCAPL or USAPL roster soon!