Ellen Van Buren Achieves WPBA Touring Pro Status – 30 Years After It All Began

Ellen Van Buren

Touring Professional status in the Women's Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) is a designation sought by many and achieved by few. Ellen Van Buren played her first professional event in 1976, finishing 3rd in the World Open. On April 22, 2006, Ellen made history as the oldest female ever to earn Touring Professional status.

Strok-in-Style is proud to announce this achievement by one of its owners. Ellen's latest achievement will generate additional respect and attention that she so richly deserves.

At the WPBA's San Diego Classic, at Viejas Casino in Alpine, CA, Ellen earned her fourth professional point on the Classic Tour, as well as meeting the 80% participation requirement needed for Touring Professional status.

Ellen did not play pool for nearly 25 years after playing in the 1976 World Open. In 2003, Ellen began playing in the WPBA regional tour system to win qualifiers for the Classic Tour. Grueling travel schedules to these regional events across the country daunt event the youngest and most fit of players, but Ellen stayed the course despite numerous health issues.

Winning qualifiers was only the beginning. Once Ellen began qualifying for single events on the WPBA Classic Tour, she had to play well enough in those professional venues to be invited again. Ellen certainly did play better every time, rising in the rankings from nowhere to a respectable 43rd in the world before this event. With her top-16 finish at the San Diego Classic, Ellen is sure to move very near the top 30 in the world.

Ellen's drive and hard work have finally paid off. Touring Pro designation gains Ellen a standing invitation to all professional events held by the WPBA, as well as marking her place in the billiard archives as the oldest female to do so in the WPBA's 30-year history.

Billiards is truly a sport for all ages and abilities, and it's never too late to follow your dream. Show your support for billiards - especially women in billiards - by visiting WPBA.com and getting to know Ellen and the other wonderful ladies of the organization. Better yet, come see Ellen and the others play in one of the upcoming WPBA events this year in Las Vegas, NV; Peoria, IL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Albuquerque, NM; or Lincoln City, OR.

Ellen and friend Gail Grecar, also a WPBA Touring Pro, launched Strok-in-Style earlier this year to promote fashion accessories for billiards enthusiasts. Strok-in-Style's first offer of unique designer billiards gloves will be available to the general public via their website, www.StrokinStyle.com, early this summer.

Contact info: Ellen Van Buren or Gail Grecar