Ellerman adds to his one-pocket resume in Arizona

Mitch Ellerman

Preacher Ronn's World Class One-Pocket Tournament for May brought out some of Arizona's best.  Lagging for break in a race to two, you had better bring your best game since you could easily run into Mitch Ellerman, George Teyechea, or the dragon slayer, Scott “The Freezer” Frost.  The tournament enjoyed some newcomers to the field and proved to be an overall great day of fun and pool.  It's fun to play in a format where everyone has a chance for the win.

Some of the fun matches to watch were: Sammy “The Fireman” Martinez refusing to give up the ghost as he went “hill-hill” with the “Freezer,” and Mitch Ellerman dispatching George Teyechea to the one-loss side.  A stubborn competitor, George wasn't ready to go home yet, and he battled his way through the one-loss side only to run into “Preacher Ronn.” In a bit of comical confusion; after winning his first game against George, “Preacher” walked over to George and said, “Great match.” Both men shook hands, and George walked away scratching his head.  Shortly thereafter, both players figured out that they had only played one game and the match wasn't over yet.  Oops…good try, Ronn!  Eventually, in a 2-0 victory, the “Preacher” convinced George to hop on I-10 and head for home.  Man, those Tucson guys are easy!

Eventually, somebody put Scott Frost on the one-loss side, and a classic battle between the “Freezer” and the “Preacher” was on.  Fans didn't get to see much of the “Preacher” as the “Freezer” had him praying for a mulligan after a missed ball-in-hand.  Two to zero…see ya!

Scott then battled through the rest of the one-loss side to face hot seat holder, Mitch Ellerman.  As this is a true double-elimination format, Frost would have to beat Ellerman twice in races-to-two games.  He did manage to take the first set, but in the end, Mitch came out on top.  

A special thanks to Lenny at OnTheRailTv.com, who not only live-streamed the event, but also recorded the matches.  It was Lenny's recording that allowed officials to back up the tape and make a referee call that resulted in a replay of one of the games against the “Freezer.” Cool beans, Lenny!!!!

Where else can a guy (or gal) have this much fun and play against some world class players?  The next tournament will be Saturday, June 27th at Kolby's in Tempe, AZ.  Hope to see you there!