Emily Duddy Kicks Off Black Widow 14.1 High Run Invitational Cancer Fundraiser on July 5th – 6th

Emily Duddy

Bobby Chamberlain and his Legends of Pocket Billiards has announced “The Black Widow 14.1 High Run Invitational”, a new fundraiser to raise money for cancer awareness and cancer research. 

This yearlong fundraiser will highlight the top female players in the sport of billiards as they attempt to beat Jeanette Lee’s high run record of 152 consecutive balls. 

The fundraiser kicks off on July 5th and 6th when WPBA touring pro Emily “The Billiards Bombshell” will be making her attempt to beat the record at the Street Lights Billiards Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. 

“I am thrilled to be included as a pro player in the Black Widow 14.1 Invitational to raise money in support of cancer research & treatment. To be the first player to kick off the event is an exciting honor. I am a good friend of Jeanette Lee & have supported many events during her fight against cancer. It’s amazing how well she is doing & I’m sure this event means a lot to her. 

The event is personally meaningful to me because, like many of us, cancer has effected my friends and family. I dedicate this event to my uncle Don Duddy who passed in 2021, my good friend Deborah Napier who passed in 2022 & my mom who survived Stage 4 cancer after years of treatment. 

As a New Yorker I am a big straight pool player very excited for female pros to showcase the game of 14.1 to a wider audience!” said Duddy about her involvement in this event. 

When asked about what prompted Chamberlain to create this event, he said the idea came as a tribute to his sister. “My sister passed away from Cancer ten years ago. She was my best friend. Had she got checked out she would have beaten Cancer. Cancer awareness is very important.” he explained. 

Fans who are interested in supporting this event and Duddy’s attempt to break the record are urged to donate $1 a ball for her highest run. Donations can be made online on the fundraiser page in conjunction with The V Foundation organization. 

Fans can also purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a beautiful Volturi case designed to commemorate this historic event.  More information on the raffle, as well as streaming coverage of Duddy’s attempts, can be found on the Legends of Pocket Billiards Facebook page.  

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