Emily Frazer and Matchroom Top “Pool’s Power 15”

With the recent announcement of the “Pool’s Power 15”, an annual list of the top current influencers in the game of professional pool, the online debates have begun as to who made the list in what position and who didn’t make the cut. 

The list was voted on by a committee of pool media representatives, professional players, and esteemed members of the community. Voters were given the following instructions; Vote for who you believe has had the most influence on pool in 2020, and rank them from 1 to 15. They could not vote for themself if they were nominated. The ballots were then run through a scoring system that takes into account the total number of votes, average placement, and frequency of votes. 

With the online world of social media one of the last parts of the game that isn’t affected by the current health situation, the list leaned towards online influencers of the game. 

The top five entries on the list include Matchroom Multi Sport and Emily Frazer, AzBilliards, Florian Kohler, The Predator Group and the APA Leagues. 

The complete list of influencers, as well as the method used to build the list, can be found online at www.poolspower15.com