Engert Claims 2007 World Pool Masters Title

Thomas Engert won his second World Pool Masters Title

Thomas Engert has won the 2007 PartyPoker.net World Pool Masters.

Engert sealed a stunning 8-5 victory in a high-quality final against Spain's David Alcaide at the Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee.

This becomes Engert's second Masters title after he had also claimed the glory in the 2004 event.

Alcaide, who defeated two World Champions - Ralf Souquet and Oliver Ortmann - on his way to the final, won the lag and then claimed the opening rack after a foul by Engert gave him ball-in-hand.

However, Engert soon turned things round and won the next two racks for a 2-1 lead. But it was square again as Alcaide hit a 5-9 combination after Engert missed a three-rail escape from a safety trap.

In the fifth rack, Alcaide secured perfection with a golden break as the 9-ball was kicked in by the five-ball and powered into the bottom left corner, which regained his lead - at 3-2.

Engert broke and ran through the balls in the sixth as the players were tied at 3-3 as the final looked developing into an epic. It edged in Engert favour as he claimed his fourth and then had the break in the next to have a chance for a two-rack lead.

He took it after a fine long shot to pot the five-ball with cue close to the right-hand rail and now led 5-3.

These two players were part of the European team that competed in the 2006 Mosconi Cup and there was not much between them as Alcaide produced a fine break and then ran through the balls to trail only 5-4 in a race to eight.

Engert gaines some fortune in the next as his break shot saw the cue ball kicked by the five and headed towards the top right pocket, only to stop right on the edge.

Alcaide stole the next off of Engert's break for 5-5 but then came up with a dry break of his own and that proved costly as Engert regained the initiative by regaining the lead.

He then moved to the hill and only one rack from becoming the champion.

Engert was given a helping hand as Alcaide's break was not fruitful and he shook his hand on the way back to his seat, knowing that his tournament could be over. It was.

A 3-5 combination was the only tricky shot for Engert as he rattled home the 9-ball into the bottom left pocket for the title.