Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championship Underway

Kim Davenport will face Johnny Archer in round 1

Brackets are drawn for the Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championships and play gets underway at 3pm today.

This event always draws the top fields from both the men's and women's games, and this year is no different.

Reigning champions Allison Fisher and Thorsten Hohmann are both in attendance and will be doing everything in their power to defend the titles they earned last year. Fisher will start at 3pm with a match against My-Hahn Lac, while Hohmann gets started at 11am on Monday with a match against Bruce Wilkinson.

The first round of matches on Sunday already holds a fair share of marquee matches with Johnny Archer vs Kim Davenport and Tracie Hines vs Xiao-Ting Pan.

Complete brackets for both events are posted and will be updated all week.