EPBF Board Member relieved off his duties


The Board of the European pocket Billiard Federation has decided to dismiss its member Marcin Krzeminski from the Board.

The reasons for that action were long known and communicated to Mr. Krzeminski more than once in the past without any appearance of betterment. The  other Board Members  have completely lost their trust in Mr. Krzeminski. Finally, the Board was offering a meeting where Mr. Krzeminski chose to stay away from. That meeting was held during the recent European Championships in Luxembourg. At that meeting, the decision to stop the cooperation with Mr. Krzeminski in the Board of the EPBF was taken unanimously by all Board members present.

“Decisions like that are never easy but unfortunately sometimes unavoidable”, commented the President of the EPBF, Mr. Gre Leenders. “Marcin was a long time Board Member and we had some problems in the recent history. Especially his role in the newly founded ‘EBC' needed further explanation which he was not able or willing to deliver. Furthermore, he did not oblige to the guidelines that we as the Board gave him concerning his role in the WPA as a Board Member. He acted counterproductive to our common directives and decided to make his own decisions, not regarding the EPBF's needs. Sadly enough, he was not communicative to us the way we felt it was necessary. He did not perceive his actions to be at fault so we had no chance but to dismiss him from his office. There was no trust left for us to have him remain on the Board of Directors.”

Mr. Krzeminski called the EPBF's Court of Appeal and protested against this decision but his request was refused. At the next General Assembly of the EPBF, it will be up to the delegates from all member nations to confirm the decision that the Board has taken. According to the EPBF Board, Mr. Krzeminski should now also be removed from his positions within the WPA and the WCBS since he is not representing Europe any longer.