EPBF Issues Statement Regarding Chinese 8-Ball Events in Europe

The ICEA (International Chinese 8-Ball Association) which was founded by the company JOY has just recently had several meetings with the EPBF in order to find a way to insert their tournaments into the European pool scene. While the EPBF represented by its president Gre Leenders had a meeting together with the President of the WPA and the CEO of JOY.
In that meeting, the course of action was discussed and it was highlighted by the EPBF that JOY / ICEA has to contact EPBF member federations first in order to stage any event in a respective country. While that was agreed on, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was drawn up and sent back and forth for signing.
After a few weeks, ICEA / JOY has decided to try and add many items to the MOU which were never discussed and never agreed on. That behaviour from the Chinese 8-ball representatives was very frustrating for the EPBF.
Additionally, ICEA / JOY wants to launch a Euro-Tour series in Europe and contacted private organisers directly, surpassing the respective EPBF member which was in clear contradiction to the meeting and the MOU.
Unfortunately, these events have now been announced. The EPBF has to make the following statement: Any member federation of the EPBF and / or athlete who choses to support or play in these events is deemed to not be interested in EPBF membership anymore and therefore will not be allowed into future EPBF events Euro-Tour and European Championships) until 2020.
It is with regrets that the EPBF Board of Directors needs to use this kind of strong "instruments" but after the behaviour shown by ICEA / JOY, we feel that this is what we have to do.