Estevan wins third straight stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour

Jesse Middlebrooks, Rick Sweet (Mr Cues II) and Dana Aft


It was a busy March 9-10 weekend on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour, with three events, in two cities - Atlanta, GA and Murfreesboro, TN. Mr. Cues 2 in Atlanta hosted two events, a $1,000-added, standard, Simonis Cloth Classic combination 9-ball and 8-ball tournament that drew 35 entrants. A concurrently-run $500-added Open/Handicapped tournament drew 18. Bernardo Estevan chalked up his third straight, undefeated victory on the tour in the 8-ball/9-ball event, while Ms. Dana Aft took home the top prize in the Open/Handicapped event.

Estevan was once again among the winners' side final four, this time facing Tony Plescia, as Robert Lea, a strong, local 8-ball player, who had throughout the tournament been dominating the 8-ball portion of his matches, faced Jeff Abernathy. Estevan got into the hot seat match with a 9-6 win over Plescia, and was met by Lea, who survived a double hill struggle against Abernathy. Estevan sent Lea west 9-4 and waited for what turned out to be the return of Abernathy.

On the loss side, Abernathy picked up Randy Jordan, who'd defeated his brother, Jeff 7-5 and just gotten by Bucky Souvanthong, double hill. Plescia drew Jeff Hooks, who'd defeated John Maikke 7-5 and J.R. Rossman 9-4 (Sunday matches were races to 9). Abernathy and Plescia got right back to winning; Abernathy downing Randy Jordan 9-4 and Plescia dominating Hooks 9-2.

Abernathy then ended Plescia's run 9-7 in the quarterfinals, earning himself a re-match against Lea in the semifinals. He took full advantage of the opportunity, defeating Lea 9-4 and turning for a chance to stop Estevan's bid for three straight Simonis Cloth Classic titles. Not to be. Estevan took the opening set of the potential true double elimination final 9-6 and claimed that third straight title.

The 18-entrant 10-ball event became a three-match contest between Dana Aft and Jesse Middlebrook. They met first in the hot seat match, which Middlebrook won 5-2. Aft moved over to face Norris Likens in the semifinals. Likens had defeated Jeff Jordan 5-2 to earn the opportunity. Aft, though, hung on to win the double hill semifinal 4-3, and got a second, and third crack against Middlebrook. She survived an opening set double hill match, and then, won a second double hill match to claim the event title.

Tour director Mike Janis thanked the Sweet family of Mr. Cues, and their staff, with whom he has been associated for 14 years, as well as sponsors Simonis Cloth, Steve Lomax Cues, Kamui Tips, Silver Cup Chalk, Tim "The Monk" Miller, Sir Joseph Cue Gloves, Pool & Billiard Magazine, and (a new welcome to)

The next stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour is set for April 4-5 at Stix Billiards in Villa Rica, GA. Janis is also reminding players to plan ahead for the $5,000-guaranteed payout, 4th Annual Richard Sweet Memorial Tournament, scheduled for June 27-20. For further information about any of these events, log on to

Main Event
1st Bernardo Estevan $1,000
2nd Jeff Abernathy $650
3rd Robert Lea $475
4th Tony Plescia $275
5th Randy Jordan $150
Jeff Hooks
7th Bucky Souvanthong $100
J.R. Rossman

Open/Handicapped 10-Ball
1st Dana Aft $300
2nd Jesse Middlebrook $200
3rd Norris Likens $150
4th Jeff Jordan $100
5th Pat Campbell $50

Murfreesboro, TN
1st Billy Young $1,200
2nd Jeremy Hart $800
4th Tab Pranee $250
5th Eddie Adams $115
7th Dale Lorenz $75
Stu Altes