Euro-Tour Spain for 2011 Cancelled

Eger in Hungary will be last Euro-Tour stop for this year

Wednesday, 28 September 2011
: The Euro-Tour stop in Spain which was scheduled for December 2011 is now definitely cancelled.

As previously already announced, the organizer of the Euro-Tour in Benidorm, the Spanish Federation RFEB, had to cancel the contract with the IBP due to economic problems in Spain at the time. The IBP tried to organize a tournament on its own but for several reasons did not succeed in arranging a venue and hotel yet.

With the time running and the tournament only being eight weeks away, IBP regrets to take the only reasonable decision possible. “We have contacted several people and hotels in Spain, but negotiations are not far enough to come up with a alternative event”, stated David Morris, IBP President. “Since we cannot simply go ahead and take chances on whether the tournament will go ahead or not, we decided it would be better to cancel the event and give everyone clarity.” “This does not mean that we will not have any Euro-Tour in Spain in the future again. It was just too short notice for this year to come up with a reasonable replacement”, stated Morris.

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