European Billiards-Championships began today

This Friday the first tournaments were started at the European Billiard Championships in Brandenburg/Germany. Before this major sporting event will be officially opened on Saturday by CEB-President Wolfgang Rittmann and the Mayor of the City of Brandenburg, Dr. Dietlind Tiemann, the first caroms were already played today.

A total of twenty tables are standing in the so-called Stahlpalast and you can already see the investment that was made to make this event unforgettable for all participants and fans. All tables are broadcasted live on the Internet and the whole venue with its big and smaller scoreboards, lights and many more makes people feel like in a real sports-arena. Also the fantastic playing material ensures that all participants are full of praise.

In the Women’s 3-cushions division Dutch Therese Klompenhouwer is the one to beat. She already won her first group match and it shouldn’t be a problem for her to enter the knockout-stages. In total 16 players are competing in four groups. The first two are going to the next round. The same system is played in the juniors division. Except for the German Dustin Jäschke all seeded players could win their first match and therefore are on the best way to reach the quarterfinals. The highlight of the day so far was the match of the Spaniard Juan David Zapata who completed the necessary 25 points in 26 innings. 
Also the youth division began their first matches on the small billiards today. The discipline is called Libre and Dutchman Sam van Etten shows how the game works. He finished both matches in the second inning and reserved his place in the quarterfinals already. On the same course are also his countryman Jim van de Zalm as well as Frenchman Jason Petit.

All results of the European Championships can be found on The Billiards Magazin “Touch” will publish all press releases and pictures on their website Furthermore will broadcast all twenty tables live via Internet. Tune in.