Euros Top Asia in Final Seedings: Kelly Fisher Number One Seed

Kelly Fisher, Foto by Emille Soriano

Manila, Philippines-   Though outnumbered by Asia's top players, Europe's bright stars Kelly Fisher of England and Line Kjorsvik of Norway captured the #1 and #2 spots into the final stage of the 2011 Yalin World 10-Ball Championship which will take place November 2-6 at Robinson's Galleria. Both players went undefeated in their groups with a 6-0 record each.  An elite world class pros only field of 48 international superstars of the world's greatest women's players will attend the event to become the World Champion of 10-Ball. This year's event is again title sponsored by Yalin Tables, one of the premier billiard table manufacturers of the world.

Kelly edged out Line in the least amount of games allowed category. Fisher only allowed 13 games against her, while Line gave up 16. Nevertheless, it was an impressive and unexpected outcome after three days of grueling play where the Asians, especially China, were heavy favorites to take the top seeds.

"I'm feeling really good overall. My plan was to make sure I qualify, then try win my group, get the bye, and take the top seed in the event and hold my opponents to low scores. That way I get a good draw in the last stage of the event," explained Fisher. When asked how is it the Chinese have been beaten so many times at this event she replied, "It's a different country they are in now. They don't have the comfort level here they do like back in their home. In China they have alot of advantages, but here it's really fair at this World 10-Ball Championship. And the pedestal effect that we been putting the China players on is wearing off. At this World Championship, we've shown they can get beat,too."

Fellow Brit Allison Fisher concurs. " The expectation pressures on the Chinese is something new to them now. It's not easy being the favorites."
Allison went 4 wins a 1 loss in her group to finish #9 seed overall. She is going for her first World 10-Ball title, and if she succeeds, it will be her 16th World Championship belt. "My 6-1 win over Kajitani(Japan) was a heavy win for me. She beat me here last year, and that score puts me in a good position in the seeds." Fisher will face H.S. Lai of Taiwan today and if she wins will play a crowd pleasing math-up against Philippines Iris Ranola next.

Line Kjorsvik (pronounced Lee-Na Shors-vick) made heads turn throughout the event with accurate potting and precision cueball control. She never came close to a loss and the veteran European player will be looking for her first major international career win here. She will be on opposite end of Kelly Fisher as the #2 seed and faces either Korean powerhouses Ga Young Kim or Eunji Park.

"I believe Line is the best overall player in Europe today. Jasmin is strong, no doubt, and a powerful shotmaker. But Line has better all around skills and a great finesse game. She's probably the best European woman's player that has not won a major yet", said Johann Ruysink, National Head Coach of Netherlands.

Finally, Jasmin Ouschan rounds up the quartet of European warriors. Ouschan took only one loss to former World 10-Ball Champ Rubilen Amit in a much anticipated showdown. Amit won the bout, and was able to take the top seed in the group to advance with a bye the next round. Ouschan still looks good to advance as she will be favorite over Japan's Yukawa and then ,ionically, will re-match against Amit. This time though one player will be eliminated.

"It was an important thing that Allison and Kelly Fisher did in China last week. They both got to the finals and beat out all the Chinese on their home court. Believe me, it was important for all the women to see this. Especially Jasmin", said Michael Neumann, Ouschan's coach since the start of her career.

Play starts today at 11am and continues to 9pm tonight at Robinson's Galleria in Manila. It airs live on Studio 23 and Balls, owned by ABS-CBN.

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