EUROSPORT Will Televise Predator International 10-Ball Championship

Las Vegas, Nevada- Dragon Promotions,, and The Predator Group are very pleased with the signing of EUROSPORT as the official TV network broadcasting the 8th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship. EUROSPORT, the #1 sports network in Europe, will be broadcasting the final three matches of the Predator Championship on Saturday May 17,2008 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino.

"This is exciting to work with such a respected network in Europe. EUROSPORT will definitely add more prestige to the event and give a larger stage that the players from around the world deserve." says Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions. EUROSPORT will be added onto DP's impressive resume of TV network productions already including ESPN, MBC ESPN, XTM, XPORTS, and CJ Media. will be working closely with DP on TV production logistics for EUROSPORT. has had extensive experience creating video and TV work for pocket and carom billiards. also brought pool into the limelight in Europe bringing EUROSPORT to the Euro-Tour to further advance the growth of billiards in Europe.

"We are thrilled to be working on this project and being a part of this great team with DP and Predator. This event belongs on television and we are happy to give it a more international flair." says JP Parmentier, co-owner of prior to May 17, will be airing matches live from May 13-16,2008.

The Predator Group, creators of Predator technology and the Poison Brand, will be the key sponsor and supporter of this TV project. Predator, despite the state of the US economy, has thrived and grown significantly each year, giving it the ability to invest back into the sport. Predator time and time again has proven to not only be the number one brand in cues, but one of the premiere leaders in promotions and growth in the sport.

"This is our flagship event. Dragon Promotions has raised this tournament from infancy to where we are now in Las Vegas at the biggest pool show on earth. And the field of pros attending is amazing. When we saw the opportunity to bring in EUROSPORT, we didn't hesitate. " said Karim Belhaj, CEO and Co-Owner of Predator Products.

Eurosport is the #1 Sports Network in Europe available in 54 countries and broadcasting in 20 different languages visit