Ewa Mataya Laurance endorses Swing Perfect

Ewa Laurance

Richmond, Virginia - May 11, 2007 - World 9-Ball Champion and Billiard Congress of America Hall of Famer Ewa Mataya Laurance, "The Striking Viking," continues to combine her passion for the games of billiards and golf by lending her celebrity status to a new golf product.

Ewa will be appearing in an upcoming infomercial for Swing Perfect!, a new golf training aid and practice device. The Swing Perfect! swing trainer is designed to teach the precise plane and club face angle required to hit “the perfect golf shot.” Swing Perfect! is a revolutionary new product that easily attaches to any club in your bag and lets you know, by vibration, when your swing is out of proper alignment.

Ewa is hosting the infomercial alongside her husband, actor/sports commentator Mitch Laurance, and they were joined by top ranked golf teaching professionals Todd Anderson and Gayle Petersen.

Todd is the Director of Instruction at the prestigious Sea Island Golf Club and the personal instructor for PGA pros Davis Love III, John Rollins, JJ Henry and Brett Quigley.

Gayle Petersen teaches players from both the PGA and LPGA Tours. She is ranked as a top 50 instructor by Golf for Women Magazine and Golf Digest.

"Having Ewa onboard, endorsing this product, is a great match", says Tony Harmon, President of Swing Perfect! "Ewa's reputation as a world-class athlete from a sport requiring total concentration and precision certainly has translated well in the presentation of the Swing Perfect! But the real joy came in the opportunity to work with Ewa's passion for golf, her professionalism, and her on-camera presence."

"This is a perfect tie-in with pool." says Laurance. “The two sports have so much in common, and since I am an avid golfer myself, I really see the incredible benefits from this product. I'm trying to convince the makers of 'Swing Perfect!' to make one for billiards!"

The infomercial will air on the Golf Channel and on other stations nationwide beginning in June.

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