Falco comes from the loss-side to win A-D event on Predator Tour

Kevin Falco recovered from a defeat among the winners' side final four and returned to challenge and defeat hot seat occupant, Elvis Rodriguez, in the A-D handicapped portion of the May 5-6 Predator Tour Stop. The $500-added amateur event drew 64 entrants to Gotham City Billiards in Brooklyn, NY.

It was Vincent Morris who sent Falco west 7-5 in the winners' side semifinals, as Rodriguez was busy sending Joe Palone over, 7-4. Rodriguez moved into the hot seat with a 7-4 victory, and waited on Falco.

Falco moved over and picked up Aaron Moody, who'd gotten by Wilfredo Albay and Patrick Myers, both 7-4. Palone drew Mike Yednak, who'd defeated Steve Wright 7-3 and Junior Sanchez 7-5. Palone and Falco advanced to the quarterfinals; Palone with a 7-3 win over Yednak and Falco, 7-5 over Moody. 

Falco went on to win two straight double hill matches; over Palone in the quarterfinals and his re-match versus Morris in the semifinals. He completed his tournament bid with a 12-5 victory over Rodriguez in the finals.

Tour director Tony Robles thanked the ownership and staff at Gotham City Billiards, as well as sponsors Predator Cues, The National Amateur Pool League, Delta-13 racks, Poison Cues, PoolOnTheNet.com, and NYCGrind.