Fastest Stick Slinger in the West!

Mike Vidas and Steve Lingelbach

Mike 'The Kid' Vidas made quick work of the 'Red Rocket' Tim Tweedell at the Cadillac Ranch Casino stop of the West Coast Pechauer Tour this weekend. The single race finals looked to favor Tweedell as he jumped to a 5-0 lead, but it was all downhill from there. To say that Vidas shut him down is an understatement; the crowd was in awe as he went on to dominate the match in an astounding 13-6 final score.

Tour followers might have wondered how Glenn Atwell would fare this weekend, but Stan Tourangeau and Don Wirtaman could have cared less as they sent him packing in a disappointing 9th place finish. And what happened to Raul Abenojar? He was a no show this weekend even though he was tied for second place in points.

Promoters predict that Tinsley Johnson will be the dark horse player this year. After traveling all the way from California with his road partners Gilbert Arellano and Josh Palmer, Johnson used the Northwest players to sharpen his edges and tune up on his road to the BCA Open this May. He showed the Oregon and Washington players what it means to have heart storming through a field of incredible talent like a man on fire! His buddy Gilbert sent him over to the one loss side in the 3rd round and it was all Tinsley after that! He disposed of Dan Rodriguez of Aloha, OR, Tom Seymour of San Francisco, CA, Chuck Mileur of Troutdale, OR, Tony Balzer of Salem, OR, John Doherty of Seattle, WA, Paul Potier of Vancouver, BC, Stan Tourangeau also of Vancouver, BC before falling to Steve Lingelbach of Troutdale, OR to end his reign of terror in 4th place. Johnson seemed to get more and more pumped after each match outwardly displaying his excitement and enthusiasm at winning.

Mary Hopkin of Tri Cities, WA ended up battling against 'Wonder Woman' Linda Carter for the top woman; and it was 'Wonder Woman' who got lassoed to her chair as Hopkin dominated the match 7-2.

We would like to thank the Cadillac Ranch Casino for their incredible hospitality. Paul Potier was especially appreciative of his good fortune at the card table! The Cadillac has an awesome menu, lots of action and non stop pool and cards! The next stops are scheduled for March 12th and 13th in Cypress, CA at Hot Shots Billiard Caf?, and then March 19th and 20th in Portland, OR at the Amazon Sports Bar & Grill. We hope to see you there. For a complete schedule or information about the tour and participating in stops visit or

Complete Results:
1st Mike 'The Kid' Vidas $1000
2nd 'The Red Rocket' Tim Tweedell $700
3rd Steve Lingelbach $450
4th Tinsley Johnson $300
5th/6th Stan Tourangeau, Gilbert Arellano $200
7th/8th Paul Potier, Don Wirtaman $140
9th/12th Glenn Atwell, Josh Palmer, Creigh Dumo, John 'JD' Doherty $90
13th/16th Jeff Coats, Tony Balzer, Al Perez, Val Alvarado $60