Fedor Gorst Wins Derby City Banks Title at Derby City Day Five

Fedor Gorst (David Thomson – Medium Pool)

Diamond Derby City Classic XXIV, January 20-28, 2023

Caesars Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, IN

Master of the Table points are accredited to the Banks, One Pocket, and 9-Ball divisions.

The player who accrues the most points from their highest finishes in the 3 disciplines is Master of the Table or as it

is also known, All-Around-Champion.

Diamond generously delivers an additional $20,000 for first, plus, $3,000 and $2,000 respectively for 2nd and 3rd.

More on that later after the One Pocket final.

The Accu-Stats PPV OnDemand service has all of the above entertainment available for your viewing pleasure until Feb.28, 2023.


Short Rack. Race to 3.

There were a record 497, now there is one!

Fedor Gorst and Evan Lunda owned the Accu-Stats Arena. Actually, Fedor owned 2/3s of it: Being unbeaten, he had the luxury of a buyback.

And he was going to need it. 

It didn’t look that way when he and Evan were taking turns in the pre-match warming up. Fed couldn’t miss. What about these Diamond Superpro cut, 4 1/4” pockets? He was banking into basketball hoops.

The “book” would suggest that, as he had been-here-done-that and, as he had 2 bullets to Lunda’s one, the money was on him.

Lunda had the advantage of today’s TV Arena experience in the first semifinal with Raed Shabib. The 40-years-young Middle Easterner, now residing in Texas, had creamed thru the crop of DCC’s finest: Roland Garcia, Billy Thorpe, Scott Frost, just to name a few.

Lunda had just eliminated Lima, Peru’s Gerson Martinez, immobilized Mika Immonen, and, oh yeah, this kid from Germany named Joshua Filler.

Shabib was brimming with confidence. Evan won the all-important lag only to break dry. Shabib ran 4. Evan, feeling out the rails, missed a few. Raed soon rolled into a one-nil lead.

Then, skillset seemed to have abandoned him; the transition to the subtleties of the arena’s atmosphere eluded him. “This table plays so different from out there. I should have practiced more on it.”

From there, it was all Lunda. Shabib was allowed only 2 more balls. Yet, he was inspired and hungry for more of the Derby adventure. “I’m going to win this,” were his parting words as he floated from the arena.

Lunda, relieved, was as ready as he’ll ever be. He felt that he’d found his footing under the lights, cameras, and action of the Accu-Stats Arena experience. He’d better be. 

Gorst, the 2022 DCC Bank Pool Champion had just plowed through a field including Gerson Martinez, Roberto Gomez, and Alex Pagulayan. He was ready to repeat.

Striding along the wall of pool’s prestigious sponsors’ ad panels, you could see Fedor felt that he owned this arena. Or, as mentioned, at least 2/3s of it.

He was full of friendly fun as he joked with Evan about his draw having been,” Cupcake.”

That camaraderie was swiftly about to switch to killer mode.

Lunda won the lag and, after a nervous start from both players, brilliantly closed the first game, 5-1. Winner breaks, and another one for Lunda at 5-1. In the 3rd game, he nailed the first set with 5-zero! What? Gorst only 2 balls…in 3 games?

Time out!

And, of course, back to the buy-back booth.

Gorst’s transition was astonishing. It was as if the first set was completely wiped clean from his memory.

Closing with three identical scores of 5-2 culminated in a 3-zero win and most importantly, a repeating his title of Derby City Bank Pool Champion.

“Winning the lag is so important in this game. In the first set, when Evan got off to such a good start and I was missing, my confidence left me,” he confessed.

“I have been in that position many times. And experience has remind me that I have to let that go.”

Maybe, that’s the ultimate ability of a true champion, to be able to let the losses go – get back to a blank slate.

Fedor continued, “I have to run. I have a One Pocket match.”

Derby’s brutal schedule shows no mercy.

Diamond Derby City Classic ONE-POCKET 

With the DCC one-time Buy-Back formula, after every round, entrant’s names are reshuffled then redrawn. As DCC events are not seeded means that you could run into anyone.

Round 4

429 one-hole aficionados formed another attendance record.

Appropriately, the opening match was last year’s runner-up, Josh Roberts, pitted against last night’s 10-Ball runner-up Konrad Juszczyszyn.

Arguably Josh is supposed to win. Juszczyszyn applied patience rather than aggression. His 14.1 Championship expertise kept pace with his One-Pocket expert opponent.

Roberts got the opportunity to close it out only to let a 6-ball slip past the net.

Konrad applied his 14.1 patterns and ran out the deciding rack.

Tyler Styer then entered the arena with the maturing David Matlock who, in his prime, dominated.

Today’s One-Pocket is a different ball game. It has evolved to a much more aggressive and less “moving” discipline.

Styer’s totally confident, committed shot-making and superb position play sealed the deal.

Now to the undefeated household names with 2 lives:

Oh, Oh! Gorst has a new row to hoe; Roberto Gomez delivered him to the buy-back booth.

Billy Thorpe, Jayson Shaw, Roland Garcia, Louis DeMarco, Alex Pagulayan, Ike Runnels, Tony Chohan, Shane Van Boening, Shane Wolford,  Skyler Woodward,  John Morra, Corey Deuel, Mitch Ellerman, Billy Thorpe, Roland Garcia and Roberto Gomez.…the list goes on. 

Meanwhile, Mika Immonen was eliminated by Jason “Jay Bird” Brown, as was Raed Shabib by Alex.

Visit results.derbycityclassic.com for more updates.

The action-packed week continues:

Diamond Derby City Classic ONE-POCKET Championship: Sun Jan. 22 -Wed. Jan. 25. Semis and Finals in the Accu-Stats TV Arena, Thursday evening, Jan 26.

Diamond Derby City Classic 9-BALL Championship: Begins TODAY Wed. Jan 25 – Sat. 28.

Friday Night Ring Game: Jan 27.

The captured match-ups are available via the Accu-Stats Pay-Per-View OnDemand, 4-camera HD production. Approximately, 60 action-packed hours of pro-pool are projected, PLUS reruns. After each match concludes, it is uploaded and available for your viewing pleasure. With PPV OnDemand, you choose when you watch, no matter what you’re timezone.

Don’t miss a stroke: Visit accu-stats.com. Enjoy.

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