Feijen Destroys Ouschan

Niels Feijen (NED) Foto: EPBF/DK

High quality matches during the single elimination stage

Thursday, 22 March 2012: With a very good performance, Niels Feijen (NED) ousts Albin Ouschan (AUT) from the straight pool event with 125:1
The setup itself was really interesting. On two of the three tables in the final arena we had favourite players playing against “underdogs” that are known to be strong and dangerous. But in all three cases, the favoured player won. Probably the best performance was offered by “The Terminator” Niels Feijen. He made exactly one mistake in the whole match. That was when he was leading 85:0 over Ouschan, he missed a shot. Ouschan came to an open table but missed his second ball already, only to et Feijen run another 40 balls and take the match. Feijen, a 4-times European straight pool champion and one-time World Champion in that discipline, made the game look easy since he played it so solid and strong. He was like a “train on a track”, rolling along without giving anyone the chance to stop him. Ouschan, who just recently won the Dynamic Euro-Tour in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, could only sit in his chair and watch Feijen tear his medal dreams apart.

Next to that table, David Alcaide (ESP) won against Aki Heiskanen (FIN) with 125:105. The match was much closer but not of the same quality as the match next to them. Both players missed quite some shots and Heiskanen was leading 80:39 before Alcaide received the wake-up call. Then, the Spaniard who became European straight pool champion in 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia, played more to his ability and finally was able to turn the tide in the match, winning with a comfortable lead in the end.

Other notable results include Marco Teutscher (NED) beating Manuel Ederer (GER) with 125:47. “Napoleon” Marcus Chamat (SWE) was still waving the Swedish flag in the men's straight pool division. He won with 125:68 over Dmitry Chuprov (BLR) and continued his quest for glory in the next round when he had to face Artem Koshovyi (UKR). The Ukrainian ended Chamat's hopes with a clear 125:85 victory.

In the women's division, Line Kjoersvik (NOR) defeated Sara Roche (POR) with 75:28.

The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website www.epconline.eu , follow us on twitter @EPBF_News or contact our press office.