Feijen Pulls a Double

Niels Feijen

Niels Feijen has duplicated the feat accomplished last year by Ralf Souquet by winning two consecutive Eurotour events. He has followed up his win at the Spain Open with another victory at the French Open and, if our math is correct, now stands at the top of the Eurotour rankings. As great a story as this is (the consecutive wins) it was not even the biggest news of the event. Feijen was unfortunate enough to face a true youngster in the finals, and it is the performance of 15-year old Mario He that grabbed most of the attention this week.

Mario He is a young man to be watched. This week he defeated none other than Ralf Souquet (9-7), Jonni Fulcher (9-7), Christian Reimering (9-8) and Radoslaw Babica (9-2) before succumbing to Feiujen 9-4. Still, the week belongs to Feijen. And Feijen had his own tough road to ride. This week he took down Thomasz Kaplan (9-7), Mark Gray (9-4), Daryl Peach (9-7),  and Markus Juva (9-6) on his way to the glory.

The Eurotour features live streaming of their events which may be accessed through the Simonis Streaming Guide on the AZB front page.