Feijen wins Blaze Tour Stop

Niels Feijen

The Blaze 9 Ball Tour was hosted by Skyline billiards on Aug. 12th. A strong field of 64 came out to play including notables such as Ronnie Alcano, Niels Feijen, Mika Immonen, Ignacio Chavez, Dennis Orcollo, Jose Parica, Shin Park, Lee Vann Corteza , Shaun Wilkie and points leader Matt Krah. Special thanks to Sammy Wu and Rob Pole for hosting the event.

This was a great tournament with big names getting knocked into to the one loss side by up and coming players. Duc Lam beat Mika Immonen 7-4, Mike Miller beat Niels Feijen on the hill 7-6, Brandon Shuff beat Jose Parica 5-4.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Ignacio Chavez with wins over Ahmed Aly 7-1, Shin Park 7-2, Rob Pole 7-6, Matt Krah 7-3, and Ronnie Alcano 7-3. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Shaun Wilkie with wins over Carl Khan 7-0, Billy G 7-2, Duc Lam 7-0, Mike Miller 7-3, and Dennis Orcollo 7-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Shaun Wilkie vs Ignacio Chavez. This was a one sided match with Chavez running away with the match easily 7-3 and sending Wilkie to the one loss side. Making his move from the one loss side was Niels Feijen with wins over Oscar Bonilla 5-3, Shin Park 5-1, Thomas Wan 5-3, Matt Krah 5-4, Dennis Orcollo 5-4, Mika Immonen 5-3, and Shaun Wilkie 5-1.

In the finals it was Niels Feijen vs Ignacio Chavez. Feijen would have to beat Chavez twice and he did just that beating Chavez 7-1 and 5-1 easily to win the tournament.