Feijen wins Eurotour Spain Open

Niels Feijen

Niels Feijen has won his first Eurotour in 3,5 years. He was the player that got to the semi-finals most often in the same period so he must be feeling very happy and relieved (of the monkey on his back). The Spain Open, held in the Torrequebrada Hotel, in a beautiful set-up for both players and fans always draws a big number of participants. This year, nearly two-hundred fifty players entered in an attempt to cash a part of the total €44K. Ralf Souquet had won the two previous Eurotours, after a three-year absence in the Eurotour winners circle....was he going to score a triple?

A number of players really sent some strong messages in the earlier rounds. Craig Osborne from the UK looked in-form with clear-cut wins over Muratore and Nicholas Otterman. In the last sixteen, Craig ran into crowd favorite, small of stature but with greatest of strokes, Francisco Diaz-Pizarro...'the No-Like-Safe-Matador'. Sandor Tot is treating the Eurotour fans to some up-tempo, aggressive 9-ball again. After a two-year sabbatical and the birth of a healthy son, he seems to have become stronger. He always played fearless and attacking, but now even more so. He reached the semi-finals, winning against Feijen, Petroni and Engert. Chamat was the terminator of both Diaz' and Tots hopes.

What then was the quarterfinal line-up? Monstrous, the fans could not ask for anything better. A very high standard, with Tot, Drago and Diaz-Pizarro courting the fans.

Souquet - Drago
Peach - Feijen
Tot - Lopotko
Chamat - Diaz-Pizarro    

The semi-finals, Feijen-Drago and Chamat-Tot, both saw thirteen racks played. A final score of 9-4 for both Feijen and Chamat. In the final Feijen managed to uphold his rhythm and confidence. He broke well, getting good shots and did well to capitalize. Putting pressure and not granting Chamat a grasp of air...he swiftly marched towards a 9-3 victory and he first Eurotour win in a long time.

Niels will be feeling well prepared for the upcoming Mosconi Cup. He, Souquet, Grey and Drago will surely have had this in the back of their heads. The fact that Drago kicked Souquet out and Feijen Drago.....either one of them had to win it and Niels happened to be the one. All showed good form and will re-unite in three days fro now in St. Julia's, Malta for Mosconi Cup XV.