Field Cut in Half at World Ten Ball Championship

Niels Feijen

After three hard days of play the final field of 64 has now been determined. Thirty-two of these players are thus far undefeated and will be seeded into the final brackets according to their performance up to this point. The other 32 players are subjected to a blind draw to determine whom they will face in the matches tomorrow.  

There will be many exciting matches on Saturday. Filipino hotshot Jericho Banares will play Thorsten Hohmann on the first TV match of the day. Other TV matches will feature Lee Van Corteza against Konstantin Stepanov and Oscar Dominguez will do battle with Dennis Orcullo.

The outside tables will find, among others, Corey Deuel squared off with Antonio Lining, Niels Feijen facing Mika Immonen in a match between two giants of the game who know one another well, Imran Majid versus Ronnie Alcano, Ralf Souquet against Ignacio Chavez, Marcus Chamat will play Po-Cheng Kuo and David Alcaide will have to fade Antonio Gabica.

We are now down to the single-elimination stages so every match is do or die. Fans will be watching to see which players are able to remain in their pace and which will succumb to the nerves of the moment. Pick your favorites now. In three short days we will have a new Champion of the World!