Filler is the 9-Ball banks champion

Joshua Filler

Around 14:00 we started the 1st round of the 9ball Bankpool, with a lot of entries who dropped out of the one-pocket we again had a full field of 32 players. No surprises there as the usual suspect all came thru this time.. Niels Feijen, NvdB, Ralf Souquet, Oliver Ortmann and Phil Burford all won their 1st round matches giving their opponent a donut! German “Young Gun” Joshua Filler also got thru to the 2nd round doing the same thing. After the re-buys the 2nd round also went on with a 32 field. 
Again some of the frontrunners got rid of their opponent in a quick fashion in the Last 8, until the final;
Quarter finals 
Jelle Kijlstra 3 vs 1 Huidji See 
Nick Van Den Berg 3 vs 2 Phil Burford 
Joshua Filler 3 vs 2 Niels Feijen 
Ralf Souquet 3 vs 1 Karl Boyes

Semi finals 
Nick van den Berg 3 vs 1 Jelle Kijlstra 
Joshua Filler 3 vs 1 Ralf Souquet

Joshua Filler 3 vs 1 Nick van den Berg

Great form shown by young Joshua Filler who really caught a gear and knocked off some big names in the end. He banked his way onto the Final where he beat NvdB losing only 1 game!