Final 16 in Banks and One-Pocket Continues

Efren Reyes

Wrapping up round 8 of the 9-ball, only 16 players remain. Of those 16, Efren Reyes, George Breedlove, and reigning champ John Brumback remain undefeated. In the final round of the evening, Brian Gregg and Gabe Owen were both eliminated. “Piggy Banks” Glenn Rogers also ended his run when he faced Brumback. Last year's banks runnner-up, Rudolfo Luat was also eliminated in round 8 by Truman Hogue.

The Accu-stats arena brought more first class matches today when former US Open champs Corey Deuel and John Schmidt met up for the first featured one-pocket match. Deuel displayed his shot-making skills in this match, giving Schmidt and early first strike in one-pocket.

Fans were treated to a special final match of the evening between previous banks champ Shannon Daulton and “The Magician” Efren Reyes. Daulton, who was shooting with a mismatched butt and shaft until his new Andy Gilbert arrives, lost a hill-hill heartbreaker. Up 2 to 1, Daulton scratched on his case ball. The audience applauded, the crowd cheered and Efren began walking to shake his hand as the cue ball slowly trickled into the corner pocket. The devastating scratch resulted in a loss of the game and match. Check out the AZ Daily Buzz video to watch the actual highlight.

Tomorrow continues round 9 of the bank pool and round two of the one-pocket.

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