Final eight in Quebec

Action continues today at the Alain Robidoux Invitational Snooker Tournament.

Alain Robidoux stays the master with yet another victory against Eric Malderis 5-1. As exciting as Eric is to watch with his precision long shots and absolute control of the white ball, he was no match for Alain Robidoux. The audience of approximately 350 spectators at the club were once again treated to a show of professional skill and composure from Alain Robidoux.

The big upset of the afternoon on Friday surely was the victory of Rodney Cuillerier over Bob Chaperon. Rodney, one of Quebec's finest champions bore down when down 4-1 to finish 5-4. Good one for the homeboy.

In the evening's square, a match that lasted 6 hours, the spectators witnessed the relentless tenacity of young Jason Williams. Having just beat out Stephane Poulliot 5-4, he quickly returned to the table to affront the great Cliff Thorburn. If 12 hours straight of pool qualifies a player to be in the zone...well then, Jason was there winning the match against Thorburn 5-4

On the schedule for Saturday:

André Grisé vs Kirk Stevens
Claude Smith vs Alain Robidoux
Bill Bradley vs Jason Williams
Floyd Zeigler vs Rodney Cuillerier