Final Four matches in Portugal

The first final four match-up at the Predator International 10-Ball Tour featured two men who have faced one another across the Baize many times. Niels Feijen and Marcus Chamat met in a match that belonged to Feijen most of the way. Feijen began by putting a 4-pack on Chamat so that he was halfway home to the magic number of eight racks before Chamat ever left the gate.  

But with some absolutely superb jump shots to escape safeties Chamat fought back and won the next three racks running to draw within a single game at 4-3. Feijen then returned that favor by claiming three racks of his own to gain the hill. But Chamat would not surrender. Again and again he came with critical shots and won racks eleven and twelve to bring the score closer at 7-5. However, in rack 13, Feijen stared down a near table-length 3-10 combination and drilled it home to earn his way into the finals. His opponent would be determined after the face-off between David Alcaide and Imran Majid.

David Alcaide and Imran Majid had a very close match. They were tied at one game apiece, then again at two games. Majid then began to open a bit of a gap as he claimed the next three racks to take the lead 5-2. But then Alcaide began his comeback and tied us up again at 5 racks apiece. Majid took the next one to lead 6-5 but from there it was Alcaide all the way as he controlled the table very well and determined the opportunities that Majid would find. Majid found very few. Alcaide won the final three racks of the match to go into the finals against Feijen by the margin of 8-6.

Feijen and Alcaide now warming up for the finals.