Final Four winners set at Texas Open

Charlie Bryant continues his march toward a win in the Texas Open, but as the event dwindled down to the final 12 players, late on Monday night, he was joined among the winners' side final four by Nick Vita, Shane Winters and Justin Hall.

From among the final 16 on the winners' side, Bryant got down 8-3 in a match versus Rafael Martinez before rallying to win it with 6 racks in a row, 9-8. He went on to defeat Chris Bartram 9-6 to move into the winners' side final four, where he was to face Nick Vita. Vita's route from the final 16 winners began with a 9-6 win over Tommy Tokoph, and a 9-7 win over David Henson. Hall entered the final four on the winners' side by defeating Tracy Sanders 9-5 and surviving a hill-hill battle over Jamie Farrell. Winters used a 9-5 win over Sylver Ochoa and a hill-hill win against Brian Hickman to get into the final four.

Over on the one-loss side, matches among the final eight there began with matchups between Chris Bartram and Gary Abood, as James Davis, Sr. was taking on David Henson. Jason Brown was to take on Jamie Farrel, while Keith Bennett tackled Brian Hickman. The four winners from those matchups, deciding the tie for 9th, would go up against each other for 7th/8th place, before facing the next two players coming out of the winners' side, which will determine the tie for fifth place.

At 10 p.m. on Monday, with 12 players left among the 128 who signed up on Saturday, the Texas Open looked to stretch into the very wee hours of Tuesday morning before a winner emerged.