Finals of the European 3-Cushion Team Club Livestreamed this weekend

Jérémy Bury, Christophe Duval, Marco Zanetti and Frédéric Caudron

The stage is set, only four team remain in the finals of the 3-Cushion European Team Club Cup. Each team is composed of 4 players, and the matches are played at the best of five 15-points sets.

Agipi, host of the event and winners in 2005,2006 and 2007 remain strong favorites against the other French team of Courbevoie. The FC Porto team will face outsiders Biljart Express in the other semi.

Agipi and FC Porto are the logical favorites, with two world champions playing for each teams. Blomdahl and Sanchez represent Porto, while Caudron and Zanetti play for Agipi. Everyone dreams of a final between the two teams to enjoy the clash of these four masters.

Schedule (CET Time) :

Table 1 is streamed in Windows Media Player format

Saturday 31st May
9:00 Table 1: Bury (Agipi) vs. Barbeillon (Courbevoie)
Table 2: Duval (Agipi) vs. Boudin (Courbevoie)
11:30 Table 1: Caudron (Agipi) vs. Leppens (Courbevoie)
Table 2: Zanetti (Agipi) vs. Forton (Courbevoie)

15:00 Table 1: Costa (FC Porto) vs. Van Litsenborg (Biljart Express)
Table 2: Oliveira (FC Porto) vs. Claessen (Biljart Express)
17:30 Table 1: Blomdahl (FC Porto) vs. Van Kuik (Biljart Express)
Table 2: Sanchez (FC Porto) vs. Valenty (Biljart Express)

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