Finals Set to Begin at Turning Stone

Mika Immonen

The final rounds are now set for Turning Stone.  On the one-loss side Shaun Wilkie will be doing battle with Brandon Shuff.  Wilkie has had some close matches to test his nerves as he slid by Martin Daigle, and Corey Deuel in double-hill matches. The match that sent him over to the one-loss side was also a double-hill match where Jayson Shaw sent the final 9-ball to rest. Brandon Shuff, on the other hand, has had very little problem handling most of his opponents. In the first four rounds no one got more than three games against him and it was only against Jeremy Sossei that he showed any weakness at all as he fell there 9-4. But then his game returned against Danny Hewitt (who had just eliminated Thorsten Hohmann) and he won that one 9-7 to earn his seat facing Wilkie.

The other sudden-death match finds Rodney Morris facing Ron Cosanzio. Cosanzio has been knocking down some heavy wood as he bested Johnny Archer 9-7 and Rob Saez 9-5. Thus far he has lost only to John Morra (9-6) and now he has some more heavy work to do against Rodney Morris. Morris has really been tested this week. He went double-hill against Joey Dupuis and then had another close one against Ignacio (9-7) before taking Bucky Souvathong down by the same score. He almost got past John Morra to stay undefeated but Morra nipped him on the hill.

We always get great winners-side matches on Sunday at TS. This time we will have Mika Immonen squaring off against Jeremy Sossei and John Morra against Jayson Shaw. Immonen had a couple of tough matches this week that he handled with his usual aplomb. He took out Dan Heidrich 9-5 and Rob Saez 9-7. The match against Sossei will be his toughest test yet. Sossei has taken out Jennifer Barretta (9-3), Dave Fernandez (9-5) and Brandon Shuff (9-4).

Our other winners-side contest will be Jayson Shaw against John Morra. Both men have played great pool all week. Shaw took down Thorsten Hohmann 9-5 on day one and has since defeated Shaun Wilkie 9-8 and Johnny Archer 9-3 so he is well prepared for the test today. Likewise is Morra. Morra destroyed his fellow Canadian Erik Hjorleifson 9-1, Ron Cosanzio 9-6, Karen Corr 9-7 and Rodney Morris on the hill.

You may follow all of the action and view today’s matches free on AZBtv. Just click on the Turning Stone story on the left side of our home page and follow the live scoring and video.