First impressions from the BCA JR Nationals In Tucson Az

If the BCA JR Nationals are any indication of the future of pool, the future is definitely bright. An amazing transformation took place of the student union from literally a game room to a billiard arena. On reflection, multiple entities came together to create an absolutely sensational venue for these 123 junior qualifiers.

Credit needs to be given to these entities. One must first start with the BCA and Carrie Benson (associate director of junior events) who brought all of the sponsors, the U of A, the SUMC Billiards and Gamesroom and Marriott Tucson University Park together.

Behind the scenes details to transform the gamesroom should be credited to the gamesroom staff and the vendors that provided the services to this event. The Arizona Student Union Staff includes Tamara DeStefanis, Simran Nirh, Jorge Garcia and Gloria Andrade.

Connelly Billiards, who is the exclusive event sponsor, did a sensational job of recovering and detailing the tables so that they play uniformly in a matter rarely found at any venue. In addition, Connelly set up a table in an exhibition area for exhibitions performed by Dr Cue Tom Rossman and WPBA Tour Stars Tiffany Nelson and Laura Smith. Four tables were also set up for the participants to practice on privately.

The most exciting thing about this event though, are the participants and their extended families who have made the trip together. Watching these kids befriend each other and watching their extended families befriend each other is truly a joyful experience. There are bonds being made here that may not only last lifetimes, but truly make a difference in what happens in the pool world's future.

One can only hope that this event serves as a launching pad for more frequent events and venues for these players to continue their quest into cuesports. Every one of these participants is a true winner and the families that they bring with them have brought a wealth of positive energy to the pool community and to Tucson Arizona.