First Pro 10-Ball Event in Britain to be Shown Live on Cuesports TV

The ever innovative and evolving GB 9 Ball Tour will this weekend serve up the UK's first ever professional 10-ball pool event. It is with great pleasure that Cuesport TV announce themselves as the Internet broadcast partner for this historic event.
Fans of the game will be able to watch live action of both the Pro Cup and the main Northern Masters 10-Ball tournament over at - to access the streaming a user will have to pay a small fee of £2.95 ($4.60) in advance or £4.95 ($7.70) during the weekend. The price provides access for the full two days of coverage and will enable a user to view the high quality (1.2mbps) multicam stream and live commentary.
The GB 9 Ball Tour features players of such high calibre as Karl Boyes, Raj Hundal, Darren Appleton, Tony Drago, Daryl Peach, Imran Majid, Mark Gray and last years Northern Masters champion Craig Osborne. With a vast number of International events now on the calendar there are a few of the regular professionals that are not competing in Daventry due to prior commitments but this will not detract from the overall quality of the event.
This is now the fifth season that Cuesport TV have partnered with the GB 9 Ball Tour and Managing Director, Pete Williams had this to say, "It is a honour to be involved with a very well organised and innvovative national pool tour that continues to grow year-on-year, one of the key driving forces has of course been the players and it is from consultation with them that this 10-Ball event has come about. It will offer a very different challenge to a lot of the players involved with the tour and also serves to freshen things up a bit. From a live streaming perspective it is great to finally have to quality 10-Ball content that we can show to our growing audience."
The live streaming runs from 10:15am - 7:00pm (approximately) on Saturday 14th July and then from 10:15am - 11:00pm (approximately) on Sunday 15th July.
Anyone brand, pool club or cue sports manufacturer that has an interest in sponsoring all or part of a live streaming weekend should contact Pete Williams on
To give you an idea of the live streaming please visit this link: which is the Paul Medati Pro Cup Final from April this year between Tony Drago and Karl Boyes.